Pokémon GO: Shiny Pikachu in the Yokohama event!

Pokémon GO has added a new Shiny Pokémon… but players may have to travel to Japan to get it. The Pikachu Outbreak Festival is underway in Yokohama, Japan, and Pokémon GO is celebrating by releasing Shiny Pikachu to the game.

Shiny Pokémon are extra-rare variants of Pokémon with alternate coloration. A Shiny Pikachu has a slightly deeper shade of yellow than a normal Pikachu and has a special shiny “animation” that pops up whenever players view it in the game. You can get a closer look at Shiny Pikachu in the photo gallery above.

Pokémon GO has not yet officially announced Shiny Pikachu’s addition to the game, but multiple attendees of the Pikachu Outbreak Festival have reported seeing and catching a Shiny Pikachu.

As of right now, it appears that the Shiny Pikachu is only popping up at the Japanese event, but it’slikely that it will roll out to players worldwide sometime this weekend.

Shiny Pikachu can also evolve into a Shiny Raichu, which has darker brown fur than a normal Raichu. Assets for a Shiny Pichu were also found in Pokemon Go’s code, but have not been seen yet.

The Shiny Pikachu is one of several special Pokémon GO events planned for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. Mr. Mime (a regional-exclusive Pokemon usually seen in Europe) is spawning at the festival, and the game has set up two parks with rare spawns. Unown spelling out “Yokohama” are also appearing at the event and Pokémon GO is hosting a mysterious Pokémon GO Stadium event next Monday. Several special Raid Bosses are also appearing at the event, including Ursaring and Piloswine.

Many believe that Ho-Oh will appear at the Pokémon GO Stadium as a special Raid Boss.

Source: imgur