Pokémon GO: Special eggs in Halloween event

Pokémon GO: Specialggs In Halloween Event

Eggs are a major part of Pokémon GO. Not knowing what you might be hatching can sometimes be a little disappointing.

However, not much has changed recently with what you might be able to hatch from eggs. Other than a few new additions.Some Players Are Still Getting Pidgey’s, Zubats And Rattata 2km & 5km eggs.

While these new Pokémon were added to the egg tier list. Some may like it some may not. Though, it may not be all that bad in general. The new Pokémon that were added to the egg tier list were Duskull, Shuppet, and Sableye.

Sableye can be hatched from 10km eggs while the other 2 can be hatched from 5km eggs. It is a little disappointing to hatch such a common Pokémon from 10km eggs. However, it could be a blessing in disguise.

It’s been confirmed that you can hatch shiny Pokemon from eggs. This means you could be carrying around a shiny Pokémon and not even know it yet! Data is still being collected, but it might be more common to hatch shiny Pokémon that it will be to find them in the wild.

That doesn’t mean you are going to hatch a shiny Sableye or Duskull. Though, it might be a bit more common to hatch one then to find one. Another thing to look at too is the chances of actually hatching a Pokémon that has a shiny form.

After the Halloween event ends for those who aren’t too happy about Sableye. The eggs should return to normal. At least you shouldn’t be able to hatch Sableye out of 10km eggs after the event. Rather or not you will be able to hatch Duskull and Shuppet still isn’t certain.

Chances are though, the eggs will just return to normal until the rest of generation 3 Pokémon are added to the game. There still isn’t much on when the rest of the new Pokémon will appear. So just be prepared and keep your Pinap berries full!