Pokémon GO: Super incubator found in the code

Super Incubator hinted at in app’s network traffic!

Niantic has introduced several new features for the game over the last few weeks. From Legendary Pokemon to exclusive raids, the company has been hard at work giving players of the hit mobile game plenty more things to do.

Niantic isn’t slowing its roll, though, as yet another new feature could be right around the corner. ZeChrales of the Pokémon GO development community has discovered that the app is downloading new assets in the background, with the hidden content referring to something called a “Super Incubator.”

While the downloaded assets do not currently include any images of the Super Incubator, the text describes the item as, “A more powerful Egg Incubator helps Eggs hatch quickly. Breaks after one use.”

It’s unclear exactly when the Super Incubator will be released. However, it has been pointed out that the downloaded assets have been localized everywhere, suggesting that a release date is imminent. Moreover, the item may build on the distance multiplier capabilities that are already offered by standard egg incubators but have been unused up to this point.

The text assets don’t appear to mention how much the item will cost, unfortunately. Though the fact that it is a single use item will hopefully mean that Niantic opts to keep the price down. But, as it would be incredibly useful, it’s unlikely to be dirt cheap.

The possibility of a Super Incubator is exciting for several reasons. Hard to get Pokemon variations, such as the shiny Pichu, appear to be available only from eggs and so an item that helps players hatch them quicker and see if they have a shiny quicker will be welcomed.

On top of this, the Legendary Pokémon update also allowed players to pick up Legendary Pokémon eggs from Gyms. Putting the eggs in a Super Incubator could prove to be a far quicker way to get a legendary than finding friends to form a raid team.

There’s also the fact that Pokémon GO may be adding shiny Legendaries soon. That information from the game’s downloaded assets, also uncovered by ZeChrales, was met with huge interest from fans hoping to get the rarest variation of the hard to get characters. If those legendary eggs could contain shinies in future, then again, the Super Incubator could be a hot ticket item.