Pokémon GO: Swinub disappeared after the Water Festival event?

After the conclusion of the “Pokémon GO” Water Festival this week, reports claim that several trainers observed that the Ground or Ice-type Pokémon Swinub was altered. This led to speculations that the type of Pokémon could be a seasonal game.

One of the game’s players posted his observation on Reddit, saying that there used to be a lot of Swinubs on his area in Boston when the Gen 2 update came out. But since the Water Event was conducted, those types of Pokémon became hard to find.

According to the player called Hoonose, there could be several reasons why the Swinubs are already missing. One could be the end of the winter season in Boston, which could have affected the spawn rate of the Swinubs.

The other possible reason could have a connection with the Water Event. “Alongside the water event, Niantic performed a significant qualitative shift in the spawns, and the fact that it’s near the start of spring is purely coincidental,” the player stated.

Others also agree with the observation, claiming that the Swinubs were significantly lessened in their areas.