Pokémon GO: Team Mystic wins the adventure week!

Niantic is sending out promotional events with statistical data collected during the adventure week, namely the number of Rock Pokémon caught during the game.

It looks like Team Mystic is the winner again. All the valor and instinct players you need to step up your game guys!

“Trainers trekked near and far during Adventure Week. Altogether, Trainers caught more than one billion Rock-type Pokémon in the wild. Bravo! That’s 5 times more Rock-type Pokémon caught than in the past 1 month. Team Mystic caught the most Rock-type Pokémon at 473 million, Team Valor placed second at 413 million, and Team Instinct placed third at 287 million caught. Well done!”

With the new Fire and Ice type spawns event just days away now, step up your game guys, Mystic has been the most active players globally.

Here is the official data,

Team Mystic: 473 million Pokemon caught

Team Valor: 413 million Pokemon caught

Team Instinct: 287 million Pokemon caught

Good Work Team Mystic, Whoop! Whoop.