Pokémon GO: Technical Machines (TMs)

‘Pokemon Go’: How to Get a Technical Machine

A variety of new items are coming to Pokémon GO this summer and the one that will be the most highly sought after is the Technical Machine.

So how exactly can a Pokémon GO player get their hands on one of these items? Technical Machines are not yet in the game they will be added as part of the forthcoming raid update.

However, once the Technical Machines are added, you’ll be able to get them by participating in raids. This is a new feature of the game in which players team up at gyms to take down a Raid Boss, extremely high powered, rare Pokémon. Before a raid battle, a giant egg will appear on top of a gym in order to let everyone know that a raid is about to commence. Trainers must then work together to take down the Pokémon; players from all three teams – Instinct, Valor and Mystic – can collaborate on this group effort. If you are able to take down the raid boss in less than five minutes, you’ll have an opportunity to capture this rare Pokémon yourself.

After defeating a raid boss, Niantic says that players will receive “a collection of rewards.” One of those rewards is the Technical Machine, which allows you to re-roll the move set on any Pokémon in your inventory. There are actually two Technical Machines, one for fast moves and one for charged moves. In addition, you can obtain Rare Candies and Golden Razz Berries after defeating raid bosses. The former can transform into candy for any Pokémon, and the latter can be fed to a Pokémon in order to make it easier to catch.

The Technical Machine is only going to be available by defeating a Raid Boss. It doesn’t appear that it will be available in the store, and you certainly will not be able to get one from regular PokéStops.

Technical Machines have been around since the early days of Pokémon as items used to teach Pokémon new moves. This is an item that Pokémon GO players have been clamoring for ever since the game launched in July 2016, but now Niantic finally has plans to add it in as part of a massive new Pokémon GO update.

In the coming days, Niantic is expected to launch a new gym update, which includes a new “motivation system” that requires players to maintain the health of the Pokémon in gyms by feeding them berries. However, that’s not when the Technical Machines will be introduced; rather, the whole new raid system is going to take a few weeks to roll out, and it’s not until this makes its way to players that Technical Machines will be available. Niantic says that the raid system will begin in beta before expanding over the course of a few weeks.