Pokémon GO: Tip to prepare for the presumed Legendary Bird Raids.

Tons of fans all over the world are very happy to hear that there may be some Legendary Bird Raids coming soon. If the rumors are true then that means fans are going to need time to prepare ahead of time to actually stand a chance against the raid bosses.

Get Golem

One major thing some players need are levels to prepare for the raid bosses, and a good Pokémon to destroy them with. We honestly think that Golem is one of the best walkable Pokémon at the moment for people like who rarely see a Geodude and need a good Pokémon for an alternative to upcoming raid bosses in the game. Golem will do extremely well against the Legendary birds being rock type and having the only quick rock type move in the game. Against a Mew or Mewtwo, Golem wouldn’t do as good though we’re preparing for Legendary Birds.

One major problem for obtaining the perfect Golem would most likely be getting the proper amount of Stardust needed to level up.

Golem has the only rock-type quick move in the game and stone edge has good damage so you really want to go full rock and leave the ground moveset to rhydon. There’s also the bit where rock is single or double SE against a lot of upcoming legendaries, the birds in particular. Rock/Rock is the ideal moveset for Golem (and the reason why Rhydon is not as good for legendaries – no rock quick move). Rock Blast is about equal to Stone Edge. We prefer multi bar charge moves when the cycle DPS is close, because there will be less wasted charging.