Pokémon GO: Tips and tricks for the Solstice Event

How can you make the most out of your time with the Pokémon GO Solstice Event? We have a few tips and tricks to guide you through.

Don’t bother with gyms

We know, we know. Maybe you’re a gym trainer and love playing the gym game! And if that’s true, you should just do what you love. But if you’re on the fence or only a sometimes-gym visitor, don’t worry about it too much. Niantic indicates that a major shake-up was coming to do with gyms and they would all be shut down soon for maintenance. So even if you put your 3k Blissey in there today, Niantic may just boot it out tomorrow.

For EXP, Lucky Eggs are key

Lucky Eggs are on sale during this event, and can be purchased in bulk. Given that you’re already getting a triple EXP bonus, these little devils are wonderful if you’re still trying to reach the elusive level 40, so stock up and get catching.

But incubators are good too

While we don’t recommend incubators numbers-wise for pure EXP gain, you’re still getting a solid triple EXP bonus for hatched Pokémon. If you’re still working hard (like us) to fill out the PokéDex, consider picking up some incubators and taking a nice, long walk on the beach to hatch some eggs. You’ll boost your line-up, and walk away a level higher!

Not everything gives triple EXP

But most everything does. You can get triple EXP for both capturing a Pokémon and for catch bonuses such as Nice/Great/Excellent and Curveballs. Pokémon GO Plus catches give triple their normal EXP amount, too. Egg hatches, meanwhile, give five times as much EXP. First catch of the day bonus does not give triple EXP.