Pokémon GO: Why should you transfer Pokémon Now!

Why You Need To Transfer Pokemon Now!

The other week, Niantic had finally released their information over the Halloween event. Though, it would have been nice to know what was happening beforehand. The event was later released the day after the information was released.

Several theories about what we should see in the Halloween event this year were pretty spot on other than a few odds and ends. One of the key bonuses we received during the Halloween event aside from the new Pokémon would have to be double candy.

The double candy bonus isn’t just for catching or hatching Pokémon but also transferring Pokémon. With only 2 days left of the event bonuses from the time, this is typed. We recommend that you transfer any Pokémon you planned on transferring during the event.

Keeping your Pokémon organized to recent at the end of the day will help you remember to transfer any recent Pokémon you might have caught or hatched. However, don’t use all your candies just yet.

If you plan on putting the candies you received towards this event, Don’t! Thanksgiving is coming up and there was a double experience bonus during this event. Saving your candies would be wise. Even though it’s not certain rather or not Niantic will give us another double experience boost or not.

Also, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the double candy bonus while you can as it will be a while before we see another event as such. There was another double candy event held a few months ago, but we are talking months not weeks. Who wants to wait months for another good event?

If you haven’t already been using this method, Pinap berry every Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie you find. You will get enough candies to evolve them right of the bat! Don’t worry about transferring the Pokémon you get through. They are so common, it would be worth it to go ahead and get rid of them.

The only Pokémon you should think about holding onto is the new Pokémon that might be really hard to find after the event ends. Don’t keep all of them, however, a few to evolve with the candies you have left over.