Pokémon GO: Unown change

Pokemon GO: Unown Change

Unown, possibly the rarest Pokémon to come across. To make it event harder to add the Pokémon to your PokéDex collection.

There are 26 known forms in Pokémon GO as of right now. However, it was a mystery as to which form you came across until you encountered it.

Unown doesn’t nest and cannot be hatched. This Pokémon has to be found out in the wild blue yonder. Collecting all 26 forms is already hard enough, but collecting 26 forms without knowing which form you come across makes all the harder.

Well recently, that has changed. Niantic added the other 25 Unown silhouettes and pictures to the game. You can now see if the Unown form is one you still need, or if it’s one you don’t particularly want more than one of. But who wouldn’t want more than one of a super rare Pokemon?

Don’t forget, Unown is also a fun Pokémon, with is being letters and all. That means you, and your buddies with enough time and effort can spell words in gyms using the Unown. It might be hard to get all the different letters needed to spell taunting words. But, it can be done.