Pokémon GO: Unown spawn boost suggests Niantic’s Legendary Pokémon release

Recently, several players have highlighted the increased appearance of the Pokémon Unown in several U.S. cities.

Given the boost in the said character’s spawn rate, speculations are rife that Niantic might soon unleash Legendary Pokémon creatures for the said mobile gaming app.

Pokémon GO is set to receive several big updates this year that will change some of the mobile game’s features and gameplay elements. One of the major enhancements that avid fans expected from Niantic’s game include the release of several Legendary Pokémon creatures such as Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos.

Despite Niantic keeping silent about the target release timelines for the company’s planned Pokémon GO gameplay changes and improvements this year, the appearance of many Unown characters in several U.S. locations sparked speculations that the spawn boost might be linked to a potential Legendary Pokémon event, according to a Reddit thread posted on The Silph Road.

Several trainers even shared how the said Pokémon creature’s spawn numbers increased from an average of one Unown a day to around two to three a day. However, the boost only appears to happen in some of the U.S. cities since a few players mentioned having zero Unown encounters in their respective areas.

Meanwhile, avid Pokémon GO fans attributed the increased Unown spawns to the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Some trainers also mentioned that the said system might have deployed an update that made the Unown Pokémon more available in some of the areas that previously posted low spawn numbers.

At this time, it is still unclear if the increased Unown spawns will lead to a potential Pokémon GO event that will feature the release of Legendary Pokémon creatures. Niantic has yet to comment on the said speculations.