Pokémon GO: Water festival event

The Pokémon GO Water Festival event takes place for one week in March, and with it come a host of bonuses for a short time only.

Trainers will encounter increases numbers of select water Pokémon, such as the hard-to-find Lapras and many Squirtle and Totodile evolutions in the wild, as well as the introduction of a free Magikarp hat.

When does the Pokémon GO water day event start and end?

The Pokémon Go Water Day event began at 1am PST on March 22 and will end at 1pm PST on March 29th – that’s 8:00pm UK time for each. Though developer Niantic hasn’t said as such, the event is likely celebrating World Water Day on March 22nd.

According to Niantic, we can expect to see more “water Pokémon” to appear in the wild throughout the event. It has confirmed several by name, as well as the suggestion of more ‘Johto’ region creatures.

Confirmed water festival Pokémon:

  • Magikarp (and evolution Gyarados)
  • Squirtle (and evolutions Wartortle and Blastoise)
  • Totodile (and evolutions Croconaw and Feraligatr)
  • Lapras

All Gen 2 Johto water Pokémon we also may see more of:

  • Chinchou and evolution Lanturn (both Water / Electric types)
  • Marill and evolution Azumarill
  • Wooper and evolution Quagire (both Water / Ground types)
  • Quilfish (a Water / Poison type)
  • Corsola (region exclusive)
  • Remoraid and evolution Octillery
  • Mantine (a Water / Flying Type)

It’s unlikely we’ll see Slowking and Kingdra (which require special items to evolve) or Suicune, who alongside other Legendary Pokémon, aren’t in the game yet.

With Lapras and the Squirtle and Totodile evolutions being some of the more rare Pokémon in the game, make sure you find as many as you can before the event has concluded.