Pokémon GO: The game will look more realistic with Apple’s ARKit

'Pokemon GO' Update: New Technology Coming to App This Fall

A lot can still be said of the possible improvements for Pokémon GO. Between the relatively slow rollout of new monsters and the anticipated other features to make battles more engaging and fun, the improvements that developer Niantic Labs can do for the game are almost endless.

That’s why a new feature from Apple’s camp may not be on top of everyone’s list, but can still be a cool update for hardcore fans. At the recent Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple had showcased its ARKit, a tool for advanced augmented reality slated to arrive on the iOS.

The technology (reported by UploadVR) will use a new kind of motion tracking that will be faster and more stable. This will result in better scale and ambient lighting estimation. Basically, the new technology will allow players a more immersive experience when playing Pokémon GO, and it’s all because of the little details.

Currently, turning on the AR option when catching a ‘mon will let you see them in your surroundings. However, the motions and movements are pretty much limited at the moment due to lack of realistically looking as if the Pokémon is in right in front of you (as opposed to being onscreen).

Apple’s ARKit will supposedly change that, focusing on the details, such as seeing a more realistic motion of the PokéBall bouncing off the ground. The report said it pretty nicely: this new tool will transform the background into a more realistic environment, instead of merely looking like an odd background that makes it even harder to use (technically speaking) in the actual game.