Pokémon GO: Will Raid rewards be noted in the journal?


Players have noted for some time now, their annoyance at not being able to see what rewards they received from Raids.

It takes only a second to looks away and not know what was received. When the game keeps detailed records of items dropped from PokéStops and Gyms, why shouldn’t they include a vital source of items from Raids? This issue has previously caught the eye of Niantic’s official Reddit Correspondent, NianticGeorge. To which he stated the following.

NianticGeorge comment on r/PokemonGO

Users were overjoyed at the prospect, which unfortunately came the same time as a key Silph Road study regarding raid rewards. A study which would have been much easier to accomplish if the researchers were able to look back through their journals to see what rewards had specifically been received. However, it appears users were too quick to take on board NianticGeorge’s word as a confirmation. When the issue was once again raised on r/TheSilphRoad, a user stated that it would be definitely included due to NianticGeorge’s previous comment. It’s important to remember that NianticGeorge is a means of communication and community engagement for Niantic. He exists not to fix errors or develop new features in their own right. He reminded users of this in a reply to this comment:

NianticGeorge commenting on his role, r/TheSilphRoad

Despite his modest views on his influence at Niantic, it appears we may be seeing the start of the coding to accommodate this change. Earlier today, users began to note an additional line appearing in the journal before the entry for the capture attempt of a Raid boss. The blank line appears regardless of whether the raid boss was caught or fled, but only ever exists prior to a Raid.