Pokémon: The new Pokémon McFlurry flavors sound HORRIFYING!

These New Pokémon McFlurry Flavors Sound HORRIFYING!

The Pokémon Company has come out with some amazing merchandise over the year, while some have also been pretty weird, like some of these McFlurry flavors that are coming out next week in honor of the new Pokémon movie.

One of the weirdest flavors is the Bulbasaur Broccoli flavor followed by the Habanero pepper-flavored Charmander McFlurry.

Honestly, even though some of these flavors sound bad, let’s just be glad they didn’t release a Geodude rock flavored McFlurry.

While having some weird flavors, they also decided to add some decent flavors such as Pikachu’s McFlurry, if chosen, will be chocolate-covered banana-flavored, which sounds delicious: or maybe even the sweet potato? Gengar Mcflurry.

The also have a few other flavors, such as Squirtles Blue Soda flavored McFlurry and the Jigglypuff white peach McFlurry. It seems like they have quite a selection which fans will love once they release. For now we think they’ll release in Japan and come out around the world later on.

These McFlurries are coming out to commemorate the new movie Pokémon: I Choose You, which releases in Japanese theaters July 15th. The movie takes fans on a nostalgic trip to the beginning times of the Pokémon series. Most fans who grew up watching Pokémon will absolutely love the new movie once it comes out if you enjoyed some of the previous movies they had for the first two generations.