Pokémon: Playhouse App provides a preschool experience for free

Adorable Pokemon Playhouse App Provides a Preschool Experience For Free

Pokémon are going to preschool in the Pokémon Company’s latest mobile appPokémon Playhouse.

Pokémon Playhouse is a free app downloadable on both iOS and Android devices made for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. Described as a “Preschooler Experience,” Pokémon Playhouse offers a variety of fun and games for young children. Not to mention starting them on the path of “catching them all” from a young age.

The Pokémon Playhouse lets players visit different rooms in the Playhouse where they can partake in an assortment of different games, solve puzzles, explore, or just goof around with their Pokémon. Rooms in the Playhouse include the Tower, with its own telescope, the Playground, where Pokémon can play on different play structures, the Lounge, where Pokémon can be fed and cleaned, and the Playroom, with lots of fun activities. Everything in Pokémon Playhouse is very simple and straightforward, with an added bonus of cute Pokemon, so it’s perfect for young audiences.

But the main feature of Pokémon Playhouse is absolutely collecting Pokémon. By completing puzzles or participating in activities, Pokémon Playhouse players will slowly crack a Pokémon egg. After a Pokémon egg has been cracked several times, it will hatch into a new Pokémon friend. There are dozens of Pokémon to hatch, a hand-picked selection of the most adorable Pokémon from the overall Poké-pool. And unlocking them is very fast and simple, so kids won’t get frustrated.

Older Pokémon players may be disappointed to hear that there’s not much in Pokémon Playhouse for them. This is purely a Pokémon app made for preschoolers, though there’s no denying that simple games with adorable baby Pokémon can be cathartic. Beyond that, it’s slow-moving and relatively thin on content. There aren’t even any Pokémon stickers for iMessage in the app.

The intent from The Pokémon Company seems clear. They’d love for you to open up Pokémon Playhouse for your kids on an iPad or another tablet and just let them goof around for a while. It’d be a stretch to describe Pokémon Playhouse as an educational game, but depending on a child’s age it can still be a video game learning tool. The extra benefit of teaching children the names of Pokémon and getting them hooked on catching ’em all is also something The Pokémon Company was certainly aware of when it made Pokémon Playhouse.

Pokemon Playhouse is now available on iOS and Android devices and is free to download.