Pokémon: PokéBiology, is Arcanine the most expensive Pokémon to keep?

We believe having an Arcanine in real life is most of the Pokémon trainers’ dream. The tiger-like stripes, the big, fluffy tail and the noble appearance have attracted trainers around the world.

Its speed is also one of the characteristics that make Arcanine so powerful, as is introduced in Pokedex:

…It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles (10000 km) in a single day and night…

10,000 km per day! This is to say Arcanine can run at a speed of 416km/hr. This is way faster than a cheetah’s 110km/hr. In fact, the astonishing speed matches that of a 2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport!

The number brings out the question, how powerful is Arcanine to maintain that speed?

Since we have already used the car to demonstrate, let’s use horsepower to describe its power. Thanks to the online calculator, we can easily see Arcanine needs only 3 seconds to finish 1/4 mile, which means its strength reaches 1602 horsepower!

1602 horsepower means 1,200,000 watt, that is 1,200,000 joule per second. Cars feed on fuel, and Arcanine relies on food to provide energy. Let’s assume the conversion rate is 100%, Arcanine would have to consume 71.34g carbonhydrate every second!

If these numbers don’t make sense to you, see it in this way: a bag of ordinary dog food has energy of 3.7kCal/g, which is 15,540 joule per gram. When your Arcanine has reached the 416km/h speed, it will need to consume 77g dog food every second! 1 minute and a half later, a whole bag will be gone. When a day passes, it will have consumed over 900 bags of dog food, and you would probably spend over $60,000 on them.

In the end, although Arcanine is all majestic and beautiful, unless you are a billionaire, it is wise not to keep it as a pet.