Pokémon: PokéBiology, is Spearow the noisiest Pokémon?

Before we start, you might wanna cover your ears first.

When reading Spearow’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Go, you will find description like this:

“Spearow has a very loud cry that can be heard over half a mile away…”

Half a mile. So how loud could the cry be? Let’s jump to the conclusion real quick: If a Spearow cries out 2 meters away from you, you will experience 110 decibel of sonic boom. The noise is so loud that is equivalent to putting your ears on a police siren.

Decibel is the unit of sound, representing the energy passes through 1 meter square of area per second. For 1 Watt of soundwave passing through 1 meter square of area, the sound will be 120 db.

So where does Spearow’s 110 db come from? Thanks to this online calculator, we can easily know the decibel as long as we have the distance.

The sound that “can be heard over half a mile away” means it’s noticeable enough. Let’s assume it’s 60 db, which is the normal volume of people’s chattering. After we type in the numbers, the result suggests a 2-meter-near Spearow’s volume can reach 112 db. This is also the volume of you standing in front of an engine of a fully running plane.

So, if your Spearow is resting on your shoulder when it decides to cry out, you will experience 130 db of sonic boom right into your ear! This volume is enough to make a person faint. (Spearow uses squeak! It is super effective! Trainer has fainted!)

Imagine you walk into a jungle and accidentally step into Spearow’s nest, the noises would probably be like putting you inside a car engine… Well, we aresuddenly glad we don’t have Spearow in real life.