Pokémon: Pokken Tournament DX releases two new trailers

Pokken Tournament DX Releases Two New Trailers

With many Pokémon fans excited at the prospect of Pokken Tournament DX coming to the Nintendo Switch, both new and returning players can finally see more footage from the game.

This week, Bandai Namco released two trailers that have just launched on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel.

First released on the Wii U, the Pokémon fighting game will be making a dynamic return on the Switch, with new characters Empoleon, Scizor, Decidueye, Croagunk  and Darkrai getting the chance to shine in the videos below. As previously announced, Pokken Tournament DX will also be adding new features such as a 3v3 mode, which is reminiscent of the anime’s gym battling system.

Of course, one major advantage of buying the title on the Nintendo Switch is the possibility of playing against a friend in local multiplayer, simply by passing along a Joy-Con. Previously, Pokken Tournament‘s restriction of only allowing one Pro Pad controller proved to be a disappointment for those fans who enjoyed local play with a friend, but the new Switch control scheme will leave both competitors on even footing.

The title will also include the Pokken Tournament story mode, where players will discover the mystery of the game-exclusive Shadow Mewtwo. An updated challenge mode and training experience also seems to be part of the package in Pokken Tournament DXwhich looks like it’s set to be the definitive experience of the Pokémon fighting game.

For Western players, the addition of the new characters alone is a huge selling point, as the console version of Pokken Tournament never received the same DLC treatment as the Japanese arcade game. Seeing more fighters added to the original cast of sixteen leaves the title with a respectable twenty-one Pokémon to choose from, and leaves the possibility open to even more coming in the future.

More importantly, Pokken Tournament DX offers a chance for fighting games fans to check out a title that never quite got the attention it deserved the first time around. That was a byproduct of the Wii U not resonating with gamers as much as Nintendo hoped, but with the Switch there is a solid fan base already growing.

Pokken Tournament DX is scheduled to launch on September 22 for the Nintendo Switch.