Pokémon Star: Website points to Nintendo Switch release

An update to the official Pokémon website offers the latest piece of evidence that a game called Pokémon Star will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Star is rumored to be a Nintendo Switch version of Sun and Moon.

Today, fans discovered that the official Pokémon website has gotten a small, potentially Pokémon Star related update. The URL “pokemon.com/hoshi” now redirects to the the website’s home page at pokemon.com, and “hoshi” means “star” in Japanese. It should be noted that prior to to the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, the website had a redirect for “pokemon/com/niji” and “niji” translates as “rainbow” with rainbow having been the code name for the best-selling handheld games.

This update is incredibly brief and on the surface, so it’s understandable why some Pokémon fans would be hesitant to believe it. However, many have pointed out that this redirect has to be done on purpose and that someone must have manually set the website to redirect to the home page once that term was added to the end of the URL. Otherwise, the page would not redirect.

Adding other random words and phrases to the URL does not work and we found that adding /pikachu, /sun, /3DS and /random to the URL did not cause a redirect to the homepage as /hoshi (or /niji) do.

Of course, this latest bit of evidence would seem even less believable if it wasn’t for the other recent Pokémon Star speculation. Just one week ago, fans turned their attention to a new line of merchandise that suggested that Pokémon Star really is happening and is really in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Previously, developer Game Freak also hinted at a new game for the series in a job listing. And while doubters may still write this off and argue that Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, nor Game Freak have explicitly stated that Pokémon Star is happening, it’s difficult to deny that the evidence looks a little suspicious.

Assuming that the game is about to be announced, it seems likely that an official reveal will take place within the next few weeks. Unless the companies behind the title choose to jump the gun as a result of these leaks, Pokémon Star will probably be revealed at E3 2017 next month, so fans hoping to play the popular franchise on the Nintendo Switch should look out for that.

Pokémon Star is currently unconfirmed as an official Nintendo Switch release.