Pokémon Stars: The game coming to the Nintendo Switch

‘Pokemon Stars’ coming to the Switch: New game offers different gameplay experience

A new Pokémon game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the form of “Pokémon Stars.” The game does not appear on Nintendo’s official site.

There have been speculations that another game of the Pokémon franchise will come to the Nintendo Switch console. The upcoming game may be the combination of games “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon.” However, not much has been revealed to confirm speculations.

The Pokémon franchise has always been an on-the-go game. It is available across different platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS, Apple’s iOS and Android OS. However, instead of the augmented reality that “Pokémon GO” carries for the iOS and Android OS, the speculated Switch version of the game may follow suit to the original game. The main difference of the speculated game will be on the characters and the Pokémon in the game. It is speculated that there will be new Pokémon introduced if there such a game were to be released for the Switch.

Pocket Stars to be released for the Switch

According to Express, developer Game Freak has intentions of adding game titles in the Nintendo Switch. This was seen evident by the recent job posting of staff that the developer needs. There is apparently an unnamed project that both Game Freak and the Pokémon Company are working on. However, there was no indication that they will be working on games for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Korea Portal, CEO of Pokémon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara has revealed that the company is trying to come up with a way to bring Pokémon to the console. However, there are no indications that this could happen anytime soon. It is possible that Pokémon Company may have bigger plans to include names of its upcoming games into the console.

In an interview with the Japanese business and tech site Toyokeizai, it is revealed that Ishihara may have intentions of adding games in the Nintendo Switch. He said, “Pokémon has been about being portable, but now there is the Switch, which is a portable home console, so it has a bigger screen and higher specs than we’re used to.” However, Ishihara does say further in the interview that he cannot confirm any projects.