Pokémon Sun and Moon: Where to catch Pikachu


One of the first Pokémon every player looks for not just in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ but in every Pokémon game is Pikachu. So with almost 800 Pokémon now indexed in PokéDex, finding Pikachu may not be an easy task.

Fortunately for you, this guide will walk you through every step until you find your very first Pikachu.

Finding Pikachu early in the game

The good news is finding your very first Pikachu in ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ isn’t too far away. It should be easily found in Alola’s Route 1 in the tall grasses. As soon as you receive your first set of Poke Balls, head back to your house and go right from the door. Just go north that heads to Route 1 and you should be able to encounter Pichu.

Catching Pichu in ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’

Now catching Pichu shouldn’t be too hard. Its level should be very low that you don’t really need to do any damage to catch it. Just throw your Poke ball and hope that he gives in easily and lets you catch him. Usually, it will take you 3 to 5 balls to get him. However, should Pichu run away after you’re a couple of throws, don’t give up at once as you can look for another Pichu around the area.

Evolving Pichu to Pikachu

The next step is to evolve your Pichu to Pikachu! ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ very similar to the previous versions of the game so you need to improve your relationship with the Pokémon to evolve it. To do that, just include it in your party as you go on your journey. It helps if you have a Soothe bell that Pichu can hold on to and pet or feed it in Pokémon Refresh as it doubles its earned happiness. And make sure Pichu doesn’t faint while in battles as it can decrease the relationship levels.