Pokémon Sun and Moon: Brand new Pokémon has been officially unveiled

Brand New Pokemon Has Been Officially Unveiled For Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Sun and Moon released last November to finish off the 20th anniversary year of the long running series, with the game garnering universal praise.

Going all the way back to the originals, we’ve seen additional Pokemon introduced in each generation that are distributed separately and now the first of those has been revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

This announcement came courtesy of the official Pokémon YouTube channel that posted a very short teaser video to reveal a brand new Pokémon known as Marshadow that was previously found in leaks even prior to the release of Sun and Moon last year. Unlike past Pokémon reveals though, this one is very limited with the information provided officially.

The teaser simply states that a new mythical Pokémon has been discovered for Pokémon Sun and Moon, which is then followed by the reveal of Marshadow’s name and design.

While Marshadow’s typing wasn’t revealed here, the previous leak said it would be Fighting/Ghost. The design itself is mostly grey and black, with its feet tapering off like a shadow would from a body. It also has red-orange eyes that have a yellow center and little yellow spot above them as well.

The teaser video ends with the reveal, though it does promise that more details will be coming soon about Marshadow and how you can get it in your copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon.