Pokémon Sun & Moon: Marshadow now available

Marshadow Now Available In Pokemon Sun and Moon

It took a while, but Game Freak is finally releasing the legendary Pokémon Marshadow on Pokémon Sun and Moon. Called the Gloomdweller Pokémon, it is both a fighting-type and a ghost-type so it is one of the unique legendaries in the games.

The release is being done to coincide with the release of Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You, which hits US theaters next month.

To get the new Pokémon, players will have to go to participating GameStop stores and get a special code from October 9-23. Once players have the codes, they need to go to Mystery Gift in the main menu of either Sun or Moon and put the code. When the steps are complete, players should go to a Pokémon Center and talk to the delivery man to get Marshadow. Save the game afterward so the effort to get this new Pokémon won’t be wasted.

When players receive Marshadow, the Pokémon will be level 50 and have access to four moves: Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, and Shadow Ball. Spectral Thief is a unique move that only Marshadow can learn, which steals the stat boosts of opponents and attacks them afterward. Marshadow also has a Z-Move called Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike that does a ton of Ghost damage.

Marshadow is available for download from October 9-23. Pokémon Sun and Moon are available now on 3DS. Their sequels Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out next month.