Pokémon Sun and Moon: Next global mission has begun

Pokemon Sun and Moon\'s Next Global Mission Has Begun

It’s time for another Global Mission in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This month, players are being tasked with collecting PokéBeans from the PokéPelago, a set of islands where players can passively train those Pokémon who aren’t actively on their team.

Players will need to aggregately collect 3,000,000 PokéBeans before May 8 to complete the mission. PokéBeans can be used to build affection with your Pokémon or quicken certain activities at the PokéPelago.

Players who participate in the Global Mission will get 2,000 festival coins for a successful mission and 200 festival coins if the mission fails. If players have an game tied to a Pokémon Global Link account, the base rewards will be doubled. Players will also get a Rare Candy for collecting more than 30 PokéBeans and players with a Pokémon Global Link account will get a Level Ball if more than 6,000,000 PokéBeans are collected.

This is the sixth Global Mission since Pokémon Sun and Moon came out last November. The first few missions were epic failures, but the recent missions were met with success, often within the first day. This global mission might take a little longer to complete, but there’s probably enough dedicated Pokémon players still training to ensure that it will inevitably be a success.