Pokémon Sun And Moon: Shiny Legendary Silvally now available

The Marshadow distribution may have just ended, but Pokemon Sun and Moon players can now add a new Legendary Pokemon to their teams.

Beginning today, GameStop and EB Games stores in the US and Canada will be giving away a shiny Silvally.

Like other Pokemon distributions, the shiny Silvally will be available via a free download code. The Pokémon is level 100 and comes equipped with a Gold Bottle Cap. It also knows the following four moves:

  • Multi-Attack
  • Parting Shot
  • Punishment
  • Scary Face

To get your shiny Silvally, select Mystery Gift from Sun and Moon’s main menu and choose the option to receive your gift via code/password. When prompted, input the code you received at either GameStop or EB Games and you’ll be able to claim the Pokemon from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center.

The shiny Silvally distribution runs until November 13, four days before the release of the series’ next 3DS installments, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. For more details on the other giveaways happening right now, be sure to check out our roundup of all the free items and Pokemon that Sun and Moon players can get.