Pokémon: Trading Card Game puts the premium in premium collection

Pokemon Trading Card Game Puts the Premium in Premium Collection

The Pokémon Trading Card Game periodically releases special boxes and collections centered around certain promo cards. These boxes typically contain a few booster packs, a special pin or figurine, and a card that’s not available in normal booster packs.

Three Pokémon “premium collections” came out this week, each featuring a promo card with one of the fully evolved Starter Pokémon from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Pokemon TCG players might recognize the promo cards as all three are full art variants of the GX cards from the first “Sun and Moon” set.

Each GX card comes in three variations. There’s the normal GX card, an ultra rare full art variant, and a “secret” variant with rainbow holofoil. All three variations are typically in the same set/expansion….but these Starter Pokémon cards are a bit different.

The normal GX cards appeared in the “Sun and Moon” set that came out in February, but the rainbow rare cards were put into the “Guardians Rising” expansion that came out last month. The full art variants weren’t available at all – up until the premium collections came out last week.

Usually, the full art GX cards are pretty rare, but the premium collections throw a bit of a kink into the Pokemon TCG’s system. After all, buying the premium collection guarantees that you’ll get one of these cards…instead of taking your chances on a promo set. The only downside – each premium collection costs $40.

The collections each come with six booster packs, a coin featuring the fully evolved Starter Pokemon, a pin of the Pokemon, and an oversize version of the full art card. You can check out what each full art card looks like in the photo gallery above.