Pokémon GO: Simple candy and stardust calculator and chart

Hello trainers! In Pokémon GO, you get rewarded with a currency called Stardust for most of the actions you complete.

Those resolve mostly around catching more and more creatures, spinning our beloved PokéStops, hatching eggs, but you can also gain Stardust by placing your monsters in friendly gyms. However, despite a vast range activities through which we may obtain this magical dust, it only has one usage – powering up our Mons!

Similar story follows Pokémon Candy – you can get it by catching Pokémon, hatching them or by walking with a selected one as your buddy.

Of course, the amounts of resources that Niantic provides you, aren’t infinite. Both Candies and Stardust are valuable resources, that you should never put to waste. And as long as the number of Candies you need is really easy to calculate, trying to mathematically count the amount of Stardust required ti get a Pokémon to your desirable CP can be a troublesome task.

Don’t worry though! Thanks to a Reddit user EmergencyTaco, we may now do the maths in Excel! It may seem like a boring and old school idea, but trust me on this one. Using his spreadsheet to calculate is a piece of cake. All you need is access to the free Google Docs and you’re good to go! Here is a link to the Google Sheet that acts as both the calculator and chart.

Once you open the file, just fill in the requested fields on the top. After you enter all the values, you’ll get all the answers you need! Don’t hesitate, try it out now!